Home Based Businesses For Women – Earn money from the comfort of your home

Home based businesses for women may be the best option for the people who are more interested to commit their time at house. on-line jobs give you the comfort of the house and assist you to beat the recession. Work at home concept is also gaining reputation among people. There are lots of scams finds on the net each day giving that you can earn more money monthly. With the modern technologies of internet there are massive of legitimate work at residence jobs are available for you to pick. It is your duty to find the perfect one according to your enthusiasm and taste.

The different types of on the internet jobs which are available are Freelance writing jobs, on the net data entry jobs, typing jobs, resume writing jobs, affiliate marketing, web designing, blogging, review writing, virtual assistant job, programming and so on. To start your work all you require is PC and high speed internet connection. The thing which you need is sincerity and ardourate in the work. When you like to work from house, it is not so impossible to obtain a job for you to present you put the efforts in choosing the perfect one that matches your qualification and enthusiasm. An internet tutor job needs some sort of education potential for .When you are posse’s sound knowledge in the subjects like physics, math, chemistry or other language you can sign up with some firms that give tutor jobs on-line and make money.

Medical transcription work requires certain kind of unique training, but it gives amazing opportunity to make huge money. This job needs the knowledge of transcribing the medical reports for the customers. standard computer knowledge, good Hearing talents and good speed in typing are important for this job. Freelance writing and data your path jobs are common in the online job concept. Data entry jobs need typing speed but it is a anxiety free job when you compare to other varieties of on the internet jobs.

When you have ample English knowledge you can make a try to the Freelance writing jobs. You can write a content or article for big quantity of different topics according to your client desire or you can be distinctiveist in some distinctive areas. When you posses knowledge relating to web designing, you can make try in this field also. But it is not so easy to win a bid because there are numerous web creative designers trying like you. therefore you want to generate an attractive and appealing profile to battle against your competitors.

You can quickly make money when sitting at home; you need not want to go office, no reporting, no everyday traveling. Work at home gives your complete freedom to work from the comfort of your house.Eventhough you have computer and good speed of internet connection, you must be serious and committed to work at home. A real interest and good discipline will help you to make more money on choosing work at home jobs. You can allocate one room as your office room to do your work and spend 7 to 8 hours to the chosen work.

Home Business For Women And Cosmetics

Women Empowerment does not only come from working in large companies, wearing fancy clothes, managing a team, having your name plate on a desk with your position carved on it. Right now, it is also manifested by women who wish to get more out of life, the work life balance and who work from the comfort of their homes. As Technology evolves it brings along more and more opportunities particularly in home business for women.

There are a variety of reasons why women nowadays would want to start their own business at home. It has its unique appeal for many people, and can work whether you are offering products or services. You can communicate with your clients, customers and co-workers every single day through a home business for women. Of course it is not easy to start it and it takes courage, but the rewards always come to those who take the risks and who follow their aspirations. With a bit of luck, paired with determination and hard work, success could be waiting for you just around the corner. Home business for women may fit you well; you can do so many different things depending on your skill set. You could be a Virtual Assistant and help small businesses and executives do some administrative tasks brought to you by the power of technology. Or, if you are creative and have an eye for beauty, you could work as an image consultant, a decorator or even a make-up consultant. With all of these businesses you’ll need to find your niche and your target market in order to get leads and fee paying clients. Ultimately much of your business will come from your satisfied clients, who will help you to promote the services that you are offering.

Home business for women, has its own advantages and disadvantages, the key to being successful is to research and plan it well, and to keep an open mind to change and new opportunities that may come your way. You can never champion the challenges if you haven’t exhausted all of your options. What makes home business for women a very worthwhile option, is the extra time that you will have to enjoy being with your loved ones.

Rise And Fall Of The Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum name was originally launched in 1978 as an extension of the Chrysler brand in response to changing rules for the upcoming NASCAR racing season which would prevent the Dodge Charger from competing.

NASCAR legend Richard Petty originally favoured the Magnum in the opening stages of the 1978 season however he found the handling difficult to control and switched to a Chevy after just 7 races. Despite this, the Magnum has found success, helping Kyle Petty (Richard’s son) win his first race and he stuck with them for a further 5 races before abandoning them due to extensive and irreparable damage.

As of 2008 there were only two known NASCAR Magnums in existence, both in good condition and one resides in the Talledega NASCAR museum for fans to view.
From such exciting beginnings the Magnum name was passed from car to car including the original ‘Dart’ sold in Brazil and then as a vehicle in itself sold in Mexico between 1981-88 before being dropped as a name all together in 1989.

Dodge Magnum Revival
The Magnum model name was brought back in 2004 as a station wagon version of the Chrysler 300 with some subtle body changes and built in Ontario, Canada.
In 2005 the SRT-8 – a performance focused model was launched and sold as the 2006 model of the vehicle. With a 6.1 L engine and over 425 break horse power it won the Canadian Car of the Year Contest in 2006 as the ‘Best New Modern Muscle Car’. With a 0-60mph time of just 5.1 seconds and 0-100 mph in 11.7 seconds it’s easy to see why.

Dropped Again
At the tail end of 2007 it was announced by Chrysler that the Magnum, along with four other models would be dropped the following year, stating they were “…not earning their keep”, however Ralph Gilles, head of the SRT division of Chrysler indicated the name and the model may be brought back, claiming the death of the magnum was down to one person:

“It was single-handedly killed by one executive who is no longer with the company. He’s retired. A lot of people in the company still like that vehicle — a lot.”

Outside of the USA, the Dodge Magnum was sold under the name ‘Chrysler 300 Touring’ and was essentially the same with slight design tweaks and the option of a 3.0L CRD Turbo Diesel engine.

As the Dodge Magnum is at present discontinued owners have found buying replacement parts, and especially custom parts such as wheels to be difficult to obtain however there are manufacturers producing high performance parts to match the high performance of the SRT-8.

Luxurious Limousines: Why are they a little expensive in Sydney? Part I

The limousines of Sydney offer a bouquet of amenities to the passengers. They are lavish from the exterior and their interior is packed with all the modern equipment and are driven by the expert chauffeurs. All these things you can acquire with the exchange of money.

The transportation system of Sydney is quite good and even. Every day people come here to take a trip to the city and as a consequence always prefer to hire a shuttle service which is widely used. Though a little expensive, but the fully decorated and profligate limos are one of the private commuting system which are hired by most of the visitors. This is because they provide a lot of facilities to the travelers. They deliver the highest comfort and expediency. They are convenient and are stuffed with all sorts of the latest amenities. The well-trained chauffeurs are excellent and are very helpful.

There are many such limo renting services such as Sydney Limousine Service And Airport Transfer, Penguin Limousine Services, Limousine Service and so on. All these companies provide a personal website where you can log in and pick up the vehicles you want. Moreover, you can check their previous work report and also assess their services. You can also pre-book the services and can specify the time and the date too.

As the passenger, you may find these limos a little affluent in comparison to other private shuttle services. This is because the services they offer are unique. They are punctual. Once you book them, you don’t have to worry about getting to your destination at the right time. They provide services anytime and anywhere, even at the midnight. They deliver a smooth and hassle-free drive and a good pick and drop facility from anywhere in the city.

These lavish Sydney airport Limousine are one of the expedient and cozy transport service. Sedans or saloon cars like Mercedes, Cadillac, mustang and so on are some of the vehicles they offer.

These limos give a smooth ride to and from the nearby airport and they are quite popular as the airport commuting service as they are punctual and know the value of time. So, if you a flight to catch and you have booked a Sydney limo, you don’t have to worry anymore as they will take all the responsibility.

These vehicles are a combination of dignity and luxury. If you hire them, it will express your gravity and personality in front of your clients or your guests. But they are not only lavish from the outside, but from the inside too.

The limos have a big interior space which is pretty appreciable and beneficial for a large group of friends and family. They have different bunkers for keeping the luggage. The big panoramic windows give a clear view of the outside, though people can’t see the inside of the cars. There are many other facilities provided by the Sydney airport Limousine to the tourists, which we will discuss in our next article in details.

Visit Singapore to Malacca conveniently hiring a chartered service: Part I

Singapore and Malacca are the newest travel destination of the tourists. Renting a chartered service, for travelling from Singapore to Malacca is the recent trend among people. The safety, reliability and the coziness they provide are unique and genuine.

The garden city and the scenic hub, known as the republic of Singapore and on the other hand, Malacca, the Malaysian state on the Malay Peninsula’s southwest coast are the two cities where most of the people of the world, want to take a trip. These two cities have thousands of places to visit and thus they attract the tour loving people around the globe. Major part of the tourists find it easy to arrive Singapore first through the flight, then to go to Malacca from there. The distance between these two cities are approximately 239 kilometers, which can be covered in around three and a half hours, if you travel by bus. There is no train line that links both these cities together. You can always hire a private car rental service in order to visit in a convenient way. In this matter, most of the travelers prefer to hire a chartered car service, as they are secured and are authorized as they have a valid license.

Visiting Singapore to Malacca by charter service requires a proper planning. Today, there are numerous sites which you can easily access and can book and schedule your trip beforehand. They provide you almost everything, including the details of their previous work, the quality and the quantity of the vehicles they offer, the models, the qualification of the drivers and the price. All these things help you to compare the services and to choose you the suitable one. You can also exchange quotes from them regarding your visit.

There are many standard chartered services in Singapore, most of them rent limousines and luxury coaches. Some of them are San’s Tours & Car Rentals, Gold Sun Motor Vehicle Charter & Rental, Limo Cars, Alliance Movers & Transportation, TJI Transporter, United Limousine Bus Charter, SGMAXI Pte Ltd, Bookabus Pte Ltd, Bus-plus Services Pte Ltd, My Limousine Services, Star Limousines and so on. These services provide automobiles of various models. The Mustang, Cadillac, Chrysler and the big coach buses are some vehicles they offer.

The hotlines or the contact numbers of these services help the users to call and ask and on the other hand, you can mail them too. All the latest technologies help the customers to reach the services easily.

Most of the visitors reach Singapore first, as arriving Singapore is easier than arriving in Malacca. The Changi airport is the largest and the famous airport of Singapore, which is confine to most of the people. Some of the visitors then prefer to visit from Singapore to Malacca by charter service. These are the safest and the most renowned shuttle system. It is quite lavish too, as the vehicles are packed with all the modern technologies.

Nelly Debuts Customized 2011 Ford Mustang

Hip-Hop star Nelly has joined with DUB Edition magazine and Ford to create his very own limited edition 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

The vehicle was modified to adhere to Nelly’s personal style. It features a black gloss exterior paint job, 22-24 inch rims, Pirelli tires, and black racing stripes.

Inside, the DUB edition car offers leather trim and a JL Audio system equipped with two 12-inch subwoofers, rear headrests, a message center, integrated blind spot mirrors, and a programmable vehicle key.

The idea came to the St. Louis native last year while visiting the Ford’s design studio as part of a collaboration for the launch of Funkmaster Flex’s Ford Flex. His goal was to create a vehicle that was an amalgamation of muscle car tradition and modern style.

“I don’t care where you grew up, everyone knows the Mustang,” Nelly explained. “At some point, you’ve had a conversation about a Mustang, and it was probably one about you wanting to get behind the wheel of one. I’ve always loved the Mustang; the vehicle has power to the point where you can’t help but want to hit the pedal. And the newest one? More power, more style.”

Nelly’s Ford Mustang GT has a new 5.0 liter V-8 engine, which gives 412 horsepower and 390 ft.-lbs of torque.

The car is scheduled to be displayed prominently on the cover of the rapper’s next album.

“I’m itching to get behind the wheel of my Mustang and really take it out on the streets,” Nelly said. “This vehicle being a part of my album artwork is just a reflection of the direction and feel the album has. To be able to partner with Ford again on another vehicle that is going to change the automotive game is exciting.”

At press time, Nelly’s DUB Edition Mustang GT is scheduled to debut this Spring.

Differences Between The 1964 And A Half Mustang And The 1965 Mustang

With all the confusion over differences between the 1964 and a half Mustang and the 1965 model it can be very tough to identify them. The issue is that all Mustangs from the very beginning of production back on March 9th of 1964 use the identifier “5,” standing for the year 1965, in their VIN. Technically there is no “1964 Mustang” however collectors and enthusiasts refer to those cars built from March 9th to August 17th of 1964 of that year as “1964 and a half” Mustangs. Another variation is to call these cars “early 1965s” and the cars built after the above period “late 1965s.”

As far as Ford is concerned they simply had roughly 18 months of production on the 1965 model. What’s the big deal about the August 17 date? That was the day that Ford shut down the two Mustang plants (in Dearborn, MI. and San Jose, CA.) were shut down for retooling. It was at this point that most agree that anything that can be called a 1964 and a half Mustang stopped being produced and the 1965 Mustang production began.

The most glaring and easily recognizable change from before and after the retooling was the switch from a generator system to an alternator system. The real problems with identification come from the phasing in and out of various parts and components over several months. As the original parts used at the very beginning ran out they were replaced with more standardized versions after the “Great Retooling.”

There is an issue when trying to determine exactly what a 1964 and a half really is. In fact some of the early 1965 models are assembled using some or many of the “early” 1964 parts. It can be confusing to say the least. There are, however, a few well accepted guidelines in determining year on these cars. (Either way, be prepare for a discussion when this comes up at the next car show.

When discussing this issue there are two sets or groups of parts that are talked about. These are generally referred to as “1964” or “early” parts, or those that were used at the beginning of production starting in March of ’64, and “later parts” or those that came into use after the 1964 parts were exhausted. Keep in mind that some 1964 parts were used on some of the 1965 model year cars until the supply ran out.

A few of the very easiest differences to spot are handy to know when looking for a car to purchase or out at the local car show:

a) The first spot to look is at the corners of the cars hood at the front. The 1964 and a half Mustang had a beveled edge that set into a groove as opposed to the more finished looking “pinched” or “crimped” method use on the 1965 Mustang.

b) Passenger seats on the ’64 were fixed, or in other words not meant to adjust or slide backwards and forward. The 1965 model had adjustable passenger seats.

c) The door locks are color keyed to the interior color of the car on the 1964 and while in the 1965 model they were chromed.

d) The gas tank cap will not have a holding wire on a ’64 while it will on a 1965.

e) There are no Fastbacks that are considered 1964 and a half models. There may be a few of the early Fastbacks assembled with left over 1964 parts however it is widely accepted that Ford never built a Fastback prior to August 17th 1964.

f) The pedals on the 1964 were not made to accept a metal trim piece and therefore will not have the indentations around the edge you’ll see on the 1965’s.

g) The rule is a Mustang with the D, F, or U engine designation is considered a definite 1964 model. Those with engine codes of either C or K were used in the 1964 and 1965 model so are of little use in identifying.

h) The ’64 and ‘s had a center position off switch for the heater.

These are just some of the most obvious, easily seen and most accepted differences between the 1964 and a half Mustang and the 1965. It’s an interesting bit of automobile history and a lot of fun to look into.

Mustang UK Buyer Guide for shipping a Mustang to the UK for import

Still the most popular vehicle we are importing is the 2005-2009 Mustang GT, with a 4.6 V8 it puts out over 300bhp through the rear wheels and turns heads wherever it goes in the UK, so what is owning one over here like and what should you look out for when buying one?

Mustang Buyers Guide UK

Mustang Buyers Guide UK
Import or buy local?

We would always suggest looking to the states first when sourcing your Mustang, there are many reasons to do this on top of the cost savings you can make. Firstly, there is so much more choice! Dealers in the US are ten times the size of your local Ford dealer, some you have to be driven round in a golf caddy just to view the cars. They usually have every single combination of colour and spec you can think of and we have not yet found an unhelpful Ford dealer who is not willing to spend time finding you the exact vehicle you want. The cars are generally in excellent condition if purchased from a dry state such as Florida or over in California, so if you are looking for a show condition car you can get hold of excellent rust free examples and protect them as soon as they get over here with paintwork protection and undersealing.

Mustang UK

Mustang UK

Importing one yourself can be daunting, luckily there are companies like ShipMyCar who offer a door to door package which generally works out the same price as you doing it yourself but without any headaches, hidden costs, electrical wiring issues, government agency dealings and more…. ShipMyCar even offer an instant quote facility which is a great help to price up your import as it is free to use and you can use it as many times as you like for any make/model of American car.

If you do decide to buy one in the UK, the very first thing you should do is take it to an IVA specialist such as ShipMyCar – they will be able to check over the SVA/IVA modifications carried out on the car to ensure:

No dangerous wiring creating a fire hazard
No obscure ways used to generate resistance to fool the cars ECU such as hidden bulbs in the spare wheel compartment
Check over wiring connections and methods used to join wires
If relays used for extra lights check that they have adequate back EMF protection by using diodes
Ensure brake switch still sending signal to vehicles ECU if modifications have cut into this
Ensure cruise control still operates correctly and IVA / SVA modifications have been carried out without affecting the cruise control operation and auto-off function
Ensure method of adding lights has been done in a way that will not cause condensation to build up within existing light clusters and any extra drilling holes have been adequatly sealed from the weather and heat
Ensure any wiring passing near to hot areas is suitable sheathed and protected
Check wiring is secured around foot pedal area and no wires are likely to fall and tangle in wiring areas
Carry out electrical testing on all bulbs to ensure no extra load will be placed on ECU or SJB causing future expensive repairs

Companies like ShipMyCar or ImportMyVehicle, both based in Milton Keynes will also be able to advise on any upgrades or improvements to make driving in the UK a more pleasant experience in your new stang
Owning a Mustang in the UK

Mustang ownership in the UK is so much fun, no car on the market gives you that level of uniqueness, power, rear wheel drive fun, engine noise, great looks, comfort and spec than a Mustang GT for the same price. You will be part of a club which has a very active membership throughout the UK. There are many forums online where you can get great advice on all aspects of Mustang ownership with the best we have found being:

S197.co.uk – excellent resources for Mustang owners and potential owners, a relaxed forum vibe and constantly updated
MOCGB.net – Mustang Owners Club of GB, a more official feeling club with emphasis on meets and club events, again a fantastic resource for Mustangs

IVA Mods by ImportMyVehicle.com

IVA Mods by ImportMyVehicle.com
Driving LHD in the UK

Driving left hand drive in the UK is never a real issue – people say it is hard to overtake, but this generally is not the case as long as you hold back enough from the car in front and then use the big V8 grunt to zoom past easily and effortlessly once the path is safe and clear to do so. The only place you may find an issue is at the local drive-thru, but you will soon find the best way is to sit inside and watch people admiring your car in the car park while you eat your food!
Petrol costs of a Mustang

Everyone always says how expensive it must be to run a Mustang and sure, it is not as cheap as say a Toyota Aygo or a diesel Ford Fiesta, but when comparing like for like, with say a V8 BMW M3 you geniunly will not find any difference at all. In fact I have owned Subaru Imprezas and Mazda RX8s which I found much more juicy day to day than the Mustang. Especially cruising at 60-70mph, the big V8 is hardly struggled and getting 25mpg is not difficult.
Running costs of a Mustang

Amazingly cheap. That’s all we need to say really! Specialists such as ImportMyVehicle will service your car for around £150 – they are not advanced engines and really do not require the utmost of specialist care to keep them in good conditon. Spares are abundant in the UK and very reasonably priced. Road tax is currently still under £200 per year (imports are classed as PLG and based on the old taxation class, not based on emissions). The only cost I found was the constant addiction to buying upgrades from ImportMyVehicle 🙂
What is a Mustang like to drive

So much fun, you will never get tired of that big V8 noise and the attention these cars receive – attention is always positive and you often feel something of a celebrity when people take pictures and stop you to chat. We would advise looking into Roush suspension upgrades for the UK, this certainly makes the car more UK road friendly with going round roundabouts and country road sprints made more suitable for the Stang. Mustang GTs are not actually as heavy as people make out, yes they weigh 1500kgs but compare that with a BMW M3 or Audi RS4 – no difference there…
If you are worried about driving LHD opt for the automatic, a lovely smooth gearbox and makes getting used to driving LHD that bit easier.

We hope you have found this Mustang Buyers Guide useful, should you require any further information please contact the specialists such as ShipMyCar or ImportMyVehicle

The Forty-Five Plus Year Legacy Of The Ford Mustang

Walt Disney introduced “It’s a Small World” in 1964 at the Worlds Fair in New York City. While thousands of people floated in the little boats through this attraction to hear children singing the theme song that sticks in your head forever there was something else going on at the fair. One day in April, at that same fair, Ford Motor Company was making their own introduction, the new, 1965 Ford Mustang. Both of these traditions now have a forty-five year history. Initial sales of the Mustang were only surpassed by Henry Ford’s Model “A.” The original Mustang had a MSRP that was $2368. The vehicle borrowed framework as well as other parts from Ford’s Falcon as well as their Fairlane models. Some of the first Mustangs had the Falcon’s 100 HP engines. The Falcon’s emblem even showed up in the horn ring in the first models of the Mustang. Although Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) identify those first Mustangs as 1965 models, collectors call them a 1964 1/2 model. There were several very significant differences in the actual 1965 models. A 1964 1/2 Mustang in good condition today could bring over thirty thousand dollars. The body of the Mustang has changed throughout the years, yet it is still easy to spot a Mustang. The characteristic grill and side swoop make the vehicle easily recognizable. Trying to copy Ford’s success, other automakers quickly brought out their own version of the “Pony car.” The main characteristic of each was the large hood in comparison to the small trunk. Research had shown Ford that cars had become too large for many women drivers by 1960. Remember that this was before power steering was common. Ford’s first answer was the Falcon, the first American compact car. Designers of the Mustang wanted to build a car that had appeal for both men and women. The design did so well that the Falcon production ended in 1970. In the years after the first introduction of the Mustang, the models became progressively larger. In response to the fans of the original Mustang, Ford introduced the Mustang II in 1984. This Mustang was smaller but heavier than the original Mustang. The additional weight was due to the newly required anti-pollution devices required on vehicles. Due to this weight, the Mustang II was severely underpowered. Fans of the original Mustang complained and in 1984, Ford listened and produced the Mustang II. The Mustang II was smaller than the Mustang introduced at the World’s Fair, but due to new federal regulations on air pollution actually weighed more than the original. Ford had included a smaller engine resulting in an underpowered car. Purchasers of today’s Mustang can expect to pay a base price of twenty-one thousand dollars. If you want your Mustang fully loaded, add another eleven grand. In the forty-five year history of the Mustang, there have been many changes. Even so, the Ford Mustang remains one of the best sellers for Ford.

Ford Mustang: The Muscular Giant in Form of Pony Car

Since its perception almost six decades back when it was introduced for first time by Ford Motors, Mustang the pony car has been an illustrious car by Ford and will succeed in continuing its position for many more years to come in global car market. The craze of car among car enthusiasts can be witnessed from the fact that despite of so many luxurious cars existing in international market the so-called pony car has always succeeded in grabbing their attention. The car has been once again in limelight since its new avatar was introduced by company last year and car enthusiasts across the world are waiting for its launch in their continent. Fortunately the muscular giant has touched the Indian shores and now it slated for launch in Indian car market soon in coming months. Going through the interest of Indian car lovers towards this two door hatchback we are making an attempt of highlighting the major features that would be offered in its India bound version.

Ford Mustang.jpg

Power and Performance: The muscular but still sexy India bound Ford Mustang will be empowered with a 5.0 litre petrol engine enriched with direct fuel injection system. The engine is reported to generate the power of 396 hp and torque of 515 Nm. However it is also reported that car maker might also offer six speed automatic transmission gearbox system. It is rumored that engine will bestow additional feature like Eco start/stop button to enhance the fuel efficiency performance of this pony car. It is reported to deliver an average of 14 kmpl.

Exteriors: The muscular bonnet of Mustang has always fascinated car lovers across the world, and therefore in its new avatar it continues the same stance with more aggressive and dynamic attitude. The front fascia continues with conventional radiator grille along with black colored perforated mesh integrating Mustang’s logo. The headlight cluster receives sleeker appearance. The lighting system bestows projector headlamps with mounted turn indicators. The black colored front bumper houses fog lamps to offer clear visibility during fog. The side profile adorns sleek window boundaries garnished in black. The door handles and ORVM caps receive body colored treatment. The rear portion succeeds in giving complete pony appearance which is further enhanced by glossy black accents mounted on bootlid opener. The rear bumper is enlarged than front bumper. The body colored rear low cladding is accompanied by black colored mounted exhaust pipes.

Interiors: In its new avatar the interior of Mustang continues the embellishment of eye catching interiors. It would not be wrong to say that interiors have been designed to fascinate buyers who love to enjoy luxurious interiors in their car. Apart from offering comfort seating experience to occupants the interiors receive high quality leather upholstery, the front seats receive dynamic floor console, which accompanies cup holder and gearshift box. The central console equips high defined infotainment system, air conditioner unit along with various control switches for various operations. Moving inside cabin the first thing which you will notice at first glance is excessive use of chrome on various elements.


Comfort Features: As far as comfort features of the Mustang are concerned nothing has been so far revealed by car maker but going through the reputation of Mustang it is anticipated to be offered with features like automatic air conditioner system, power assisted tilt steering wheel with telescopic adjustment feature, electronic adjustable front seats supported with lumbar support. Other comfort feature might include automatic headlamps, rain sensing wipers, central locking system, keyless entry, and many more.

Safety Features: The list of safety feature might include vented disc brakes and brake calipers, ABS+EBD, McPherson suspension system for front suspension and multi link independent suspension system at rear. All these features will offer safe driving experience to buyers.